For 35 years, businesses have turned to attorney Carl Lippenberger as their problem solver. An experienced and tenacious business litigator, he fights for his clients in court, but he is also a strong advocate of resolving disputes through negotiation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution.

Due to the length and breadth of his experience, Mr. Lippenberger also serves as outside general counsel for trusts and small businesses--providing the advice they need to help keep things running smoothly.

Whether it's matters involving contracts, torts, real estate, corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates, employment, intellectual property, or construction, Mr. Lippenberger has the know-how to get the job done right--using efficient, cost-saving methods that clients appreciate.

Unlike large law firms, where smaller clients are often shuffled to young, inexperienced associates, Mr. Lippenberger's clients receive his utmost attention, knowledge, research skills, and creative thinking. Mr. Lippenberger has the ability to identify key issues quickly and develop effective strategies to avoid problems and to solve problems before they grow into bigger problems. The results are often smooth business operations, successful early settlements, or when settlement is not advisable, aggressive representation in court.

Carl Lippenberger’s practice includes plaintiff and defense civil litigation, alternate dispute resolution, and outside general counsel services Read More...

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